Aim of the game is to find Secret Hitler and stop him! Players are secretly divided into two teams: Fascists, hidden to everyone but each other, and Liberals.

If the Liberals can learn to trust each other, they can work together to gain enough votes and win the elections. However, the Fascists will do whatever it takes to steal power, win the elections and take over the country.

You can play Secret Hitler face to face with your friends. For your convenience, only one device is required and no installations are needed to play.


If you are a Liberal, always tell the truth. Remember that Fascists (except for Hitler) know each other and creating confusion will only confuse other Liberals. As the President, always give the Chancellor both Liberal and Fascist policies whenever possible, and as Chancellor, always enact Liberal policies. Never, ever say you are the Fascist as it will only harm your team.

If you are Fascist, create confusion. Keep pretending to be a Liberal and only enact Fascist policies when you can make it seem like you have no other choice. As the President, pretend that you had no choice but to give the Chancellor both Fascist policies, and as Chancellor, pretend that you only had Fascist policies to enact. Additionally, help Hitler gain the trust from the Liberals by allowing them to enact Liberal policies and do not accuse them of being a Fascist.

If you are Hitler, pretend to be a Liberal. Enact Liberal policies and rely on your fellow Fascists to enact Fascist policies. As President, you may occasionally pretend to have gotten all Fascist policies and had no choice but to give the Chancellor only Fascist policies. However, do not overdo this!


This is not an official app and this Secret Hitler game site will be free forever, ad-free. Secret Hitler is designed by Max Temkin, Mike Boxleiter, Tommy Maranges & illustrated by Mackenzie Schubert (Letter Tycoon, Penny Press). This game is attributed as per the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International license. Click here for the source code.