Date Posted: 2017-09-30
The Resistance is a social deduction game where you and your friends are divided into 2 teams, the Resistance and the Spies. In this game, the Resistance plan to overthrow a malignant government in a series of missions while the Spies secretly try to sabotage them. Their objectives are to succeed 3 missions or fail 3 missions (out of 5) respectively.

Basic Gameplay

In the Team Building phase, players take turns to be the Leader who will select 2 or more crew members to go on a mission (including themselves). All the players will then vote to Approve or Reject the team. If more than half of the players approve the team, they will go to the Mission Phase. Otherwise, the next player on the left will be the Leader and the Team Building phase restarts. Take note that the Spies will win the entire game if there are 5 consecutive failed voting rounds.

All players will then secretly choose whether to pass or fail a mission. Resistance members must choose "Success" while Spies can choose whether to choose "Success" or "Fail". All the cards will then be revealed to everyone and the mission fails if there is at least 1 "Fail" card.

Tips for New Players

As a Resistance member, always tell the truth. Remember that the spies know one another and creating confusion will only harm your team. Many new players will approve teams without a second thought, unfortunately, this will reduce the information that your team can work with. Rejecting will give more Leaders to pick their crew members and more opportunities for you to see other players' voting patterns. Use these opportunities to find inconsistencies in players' behaviors and decisions.

As a Spy, create confusion. The Resistance members do not know each other and will try to figure out players' identities throughout the game. To minimize their chances, pretend to be a Resistance member and target to discredit a real Resistance member consistently. Changing targets may cause people to be suspicious. New players tend to pass the first mission unconditionally however, this gives you only 2 more successful missions as a buffer. Instead, try to fail the first mission and blame the other player for failing it. Even if you fail to completely convince the table, the Spies have 1 more failed mission in their hands.

Final Tip

The Resistance has been a party staple for many years as it has given people a platform to uniquely engage with each other. It is not about winning or losing. It is about the exciting stories and conversations that will be brought up weeks after the most recent game was played.

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