Date Posted: 2017-11-17
When traveling, some of us read books, some play games on their phones, some just listen to their music but others like me, prefer to play board games on the go. These games have to be portable - do not take up much space, easy to set up and perfect for small player counts. Here are our recommendations:

1) No Thanks!

- 3 to 7 players, best with 4 or 5
- Cards and chips
- 20 to 30 minutes per game

Score the lowest point at the end of the game. Every turn you may avoid picking up the current face-up card by placing a chip or pick up that card and turn over the next card. At the end of the game, add up all the numbers on the cards you hold and minus 1 point for each chip you have. If you have consecutive numbers, only the lowest number is counted. It's that simple!

2) Hanabi

- 2 to 5 players, best with 4
- Cards and chips
- About 25 minutes per game

It is like cooperative Solitaire; all players work together to place cards numbered 1 to 5 in ascending order of 5 different colors in 5 different columns. However, players can only view other players' hands and not their own. Every turn, you may give another player a clue based on numbers ("These 2 cards are numbered 3.") or based on colors ("There 3 cards are Yellow.") or play your own card. The team can collectively make a limited number of errors. That's mostly it!

3) Love Letter

- 2-4 players, best with 4
- Cards and cubes
- About 20 minutes per game

Win the most number of rounds to 'send the most number of romantic letters to a princess locked in a palace'. Every turn, the player will hold 1 card hidden from the rest plus 1 more that he draws from the deck. He must choose 1 card to discard face-up, triggering the card's ability. Abilities will have all sorts of powers but will lead to eliminating players. Last player standing wins the round. Hooray!

4) Sushi Go!

- 2 to 5 players, best with 4
- Cards
- About 15 minutes per game

Score the most number of points by choosing sushi dish cards; the trick is to play combos that will earn even more points. However, after playing a card, all players will pass their hand clockwise. This adds an element of risk and strategy - do you play safe, low-scoring cards that score instantly or dangerous, high-scoring cards that need more cards? Simple and deep.

5) Coup

- 2 to 6 players, best with 5
- Cards and tokens
- About 15 minutes per game

Be the last man standing as players try to eliminate one another by means of a Coup, Assassination or wrongly accusing another player. There are multiple character cards in the game and you start with 2 hidden cards face-down. You may claim to be a particular character and use their ability but that could be a total lie. Just make sure that your company is fine with lying through their teeth!

6) Tichu

- 4 players only
- Cards
- About 60 minutes

Players are divided into two teams and team with the highest score wins. Teams score by playing sets from their hands with certain sets scoring more than others. Certain rules allow teams to get bonuses and this is the key to winning the game. A game that gets deeper and deeper the more players play. A must bring!

7) Hive
- 2 players only
- Hexagonal pieces
- About 20 minutes

Totally surround your opponent's Queen while protecting your own. Every turn, a player places a piece, each with their unique ability. This game can be played on any flat surface and has no setup time. A highly strategic, portable game.

7) Jaipur

- 2 players only
- Cards and tokens
- About 30 minutes

Win the best of 3 rounds. The winner of each round is decided by the player having tokens with the highest total score. Obtain tokens by 'selling' resources such as Gold and Rubies and selling a set of 3, 4 or 5 of the same resources gets you more tokens plus bonus points. Players have to strategically balance tactics, risk, and luck. Pass time like never before!

8) Carcassonne

- 2 to 5 players, best with 2
- Square tiles, score board and 'meeples'
- 30 to 45 minutes per game

The player with the most points when all the tiles are placed wins. Score points by completing features such as roads and cities with your meeple placed inside. There are a limited number of meeples for each player and players only get back their meeples when they complete features. A simple game with a strategic flavor, a classic!